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Not really sure how to frame this question, so bear with me. On my form, I have categories with multiple fees. I want the categories to be a header or caption with the fees rendered as radio buttons like

rb1 feeName-feeAmount rb2 feeName-feeAmount

rb1 feeName-feeAmount rb2 feeName-feeAmount

I have the radio buttons rendered correctly, but cannot seem to get the categories to appear as text. I tried setLabel() but that failed.

Here's the code to perform that task:

        foreach ($categoryData as $categoryRow) {

// $categories->setLabel('categories'); -- part that doesn't work

echo $categories['description'];

            foreach ($feeData as $feeRow) {
                if ($feeRow['categories_idCategory'] == $categories['idCategory']){
                        ->setSeparator(' ')
                        ->addMultiOption($feeRow['amount'] . '-' . $feeRow['name'], $feeRow['amount'] . '-' . $feeRow['name']);

So, I can echo the category description, but it renders outside of the tag, thus rendering it after the form elements. Not good.

Can someone explain how I can get the category to appear as a label for the radio button arrays?

If my explanation is unclear, please feel free to ask.


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I figured it out. I had to convert the setLabel() parameter to a string. The result in code looks like this:

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