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I would like to developer a daemon application that do some tasks at a specific point of time accurately no matter a device is in sleep mode or not.

What I've tried is that:

  • NSTimer: Even it works on a daemon application, it does not spawn the task at the accurate time while a device is in sleep mode
  • NSThread: Use sleepForTimeInterval to wake up to do the task after the specified time

[NSThread sleepForTimeInterval:interval];

  • Use SpringBoardServices framework to schedule to UILocalNotification. However, the difficulty is that I need to specify the bundle ID of the application that are allowed to do the location notification. Also, when the specified time reaches, the notification banner will pop up, in which I don't want it. I would like to get only the callback in the code so that I can perform some tasks.

Is there other ways that will make some tasks to be performed at a specific point of time? Note that this is an application for jail-broken device and run as a daemon application

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You already asked that question and I posted solution that works. You shouldn't post the same question twice. If you want to add something to the question just edit the original question. – creker Jun 10 '14 at 10:26

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