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I need to build an soulotion that will insure scalability and prevention of data lost i thoght about using rabbitmq with two clusters A,B using HA and connet between them using Federation Plugin

about the the prevention of data lost in rabbitmq documantion it's written

Exchange federation links will start on any node in the downstream cluster. They will fail over to other nodes if the node they are running on crashes or stops.

assuming I have A and B clusters which communicate using Federation Plugin assuming A1 A2 are nodes in cluster A (which will work in HA)

  1. where clients are subscribed to ? whom ? to the cluster managed by Federation ?
  2. what happens if A1 fails ? would it move to A2 ? how i didnt declare the server A2 does the declartion is like: rabbitmqctl set_parameter federation-upstream my-upstream \ '{"uri":"amqp://A1","expires":3600000}' and rabbitmqctl set_policy --apply-to exchanges federate-me "^amq\A" \ '{"federation-upstream-set":"all"}'
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