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I am developing an c++ app in gtkmm 2

I have a problem to cast the string from an entryfield to a double (or int).

I get the following compilation error

 cannot convert from Glib::ustring to double

The entryfield

interestrate.set_text(interestrate.get_text() );
interestrate.select_region(0, interestrate.get_text_length());

the button

m_button3.signal_clicked().connect(sigc::bind<-1, Glib::ustring>(
    sigc::mem_fun(*this, &HelloWorld::on_button_clicked), "OK"));


and the eventhandler

 void HelloWorld::on_button_clicked(Glib::ustring data)
  std::cout << "interestrate: " << interestrate.get_text() << std::endl; 

so i want to get a double of the returnvalue from

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Your suggestion would work for valid C locale input.

If you want to deal with bad number formats and locale considerations you have to do a little bit more; atof returns 0 on error, but 0 may be a valid input, and here in Germany users would perhaps enter a comma as the decimal point.

I would think (from reading the glib docs and this answer: How can I convert string to double in C++?), that you should get the proper localized std::string first via Glib::locale_from_utf8() and then create a stringstream from that and read your double out of that. The stream gives you error information and the conversion/operator>>() will deal with locale issues if you have "imbued" a locale.

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I didnt beleive it could be so easy

 std::string s = interestrate.get_text();
 double d = atof(s.c_str());
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