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I am working on an netty based application which given an http request with parameters will locate and stream a file in an archive to the the caller using chunked streaming. this works as advertised and we don't encounter blocking in the I/O thread.

I need to extend this to support a new request which will look up the file and place it a location on the server for pickup by a third party application. I started by creating a new class that implements the channel interface but found there was no easy way to hook it in, since we still needed to send a response to the user when the file was ready. The first pass worked but the local file write ended up blocking the I/O stream. The next iteration was to do the work in a thread which had a copy of the original channel (so we could send finished to the client). This approach returns from our service handler very quickly and the thread finishes the work.

Creating a new subclass of NioSocketChanel seems like it might be more faithful to the netty model but there are no hooks to get to the output side which would actually deal with the mechanics of taking a buffer that was queued by a write request and writing it to a local file and then sending a byte to the remote connection (to keep the connection from timing out).

Is the original model of threading the writer off the initial request the best solution or am overlooking a solution based on netty classes and components?

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