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I've got a stack trace that looks pretty ordinary except for 13th (sic!) line:

11  myapplication                   0x016aa984 0x69000 + 23337348
12  libsystem_platform.dylib        0x39cd6060 _sigtramp + 40
13  ???                             0x18bfa96c 0 + 415213932
14  myapplication                   0x012e9228 0x69000 + 19399208

What does ??? mean there?

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After extended discussion with colleagues, I have a hypothesis that this is a result of calling a pointer with a corrupted data, but since I can't prove it (all myapplication stack that I have is a closed-sourced Unity3d engine stuff), I can't really prove it. –  golergka Jun 10 at 12:35

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