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I'm having trouble using wilcards for text in index/match multiple criteria; i need to find the nearest site along a river (x) below a certain point (distance =21), each stretch of the river is labelled with the streches dowmstream (so stretch abc is upstream of ab). My problem arises when the neares point downstream is on the previous strech of river. How do I use wild card to search for ab&"*" that will exclude abd.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tony

Site River Distance Stretch
S1 x 10 a
S2 x 15 ab
S3 x 20 ab
S4 x 22 abd
S5 x 25 abc
S6 x 30 abc
S7 y 10 a
S8 y 15 ab
S9 y 20 ab
S10 y 22 abd

Riv Dist Stretch Expected Calculated
x 21 abc S3 #N/A
x 27 abc S5 S5
formula in cell E17 ={INDEX(A2:C13,MATCH(1,(A16=B2:B13)(C2:C13>B16)(C16=D2:D13),1),1)}
also tried ={INDEX(A2:C13,MATCH(1,(A16=B2:B13)*C2:C130,1,0)),0),1)}

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