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At one point, SimpleRepository didn't support enums. If you had a POCO object with an Enum it wouldn't persist correctly, you had to have a backing variable which you would use eg:

public enum Color
        Red = 1,
        Blue = 2

    public class Car
        public Color CarColor
                return (Color)ColorMe;
                ColorMe= (int)value;
        public int ColorMe;

The name in your table would then have to be the named of the variable, and not the enum.

This issue was resolved with a recent patch on github.

However, I'm still seeing issues when trying to use GetPaged

var results = Db.GetPaged<Car>(1, 10);

Throws an exception:

**Tests.Models.NewTests.SimplePagedSearch threw exception:  System.InvalidCastException: Invalid cast from 'System.Int32' to 'Models.Car.Color**

This exception occurs at line 95 of

SubSonic.Extensions.Objects.ChangeTypeTo(Object value, Type conversionType) in C:\TEMP\subsonic\SubSonic.Core\Extensions\Objects.cs: line 95

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I patched Subsonic.Extensions.Objects.ChangeTypeTo line 95 to include this clause:

  else if (conversionType.IsEnum)
            return Enum.ToObject(conversionType, value);                

So a direct cast from int32 to Enum no longer throws and exception

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