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The repeating characters can be anything [a to z], [0 to 9] or any special characters.

For example:

String a = "CCCCCCgshdbuasvbd";

Consider C = [a to z],[0 to 9], or anything like ~!@#$%*&()_-><?.

I need to remove the "any repeating leading characters in string if that occurs more than 4 times" in the string.

How can I accomplish this using a regex?

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You can use:

str = str.replaceAll("^(\\S)\\1{3,}", "");

Working Demo

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How about:

Search: ^(.)\1{3,}
Replace: <NOTHING>

This will replace any character at the beginning of the string, present 4 or more times, by nothing.

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Use java's regex based replaceAll() method. The regex should start (^) by allowing any letters and numbers ([a-Z0-9])

You then know whichever char it starts with needs to be repeated at least 3 more times ({3,})

you are replacing anything that matches with empty string (ie deleting it)

str = str.replaceAll("^([a-Z0-9])(\\1){3,}","");
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