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I tried multiple options of publishing custom error message for Quota violation. But I was not able to produce custom error message.

Please provide step by step process to generate custom error message. Thanks!

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  1. Create a Raise Fault Policy (but don't attach it to a flow):

    <RaiseFault async="false" continueOnError="false" enabled="true" name="Fault-Bad-Quota">
            <Payload contentType="text/plain">My Custom Fault for {}</Payload>
            <ReasonPhrase>Server Error</ReasonPhrase>
  2. Add a Conditional Fault to your Proxy configuration

      <FaultRule name="BadQuota">
        <Condition> = "QuotaViolation"</Condition>

You can add a global fault policy to your proxy default.xml. If you're using the UI go to the word "default" right under your target.

enter image description here

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