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I have 4 possible [string] values for an input parameter - "0", "1", "false", "true".

These possible values need to be converted to boolean. With "0" mapping to false and "1" mapping to true and the strings "false" and "true" to respective booleans.

What would be the shortest and optimal way to do this?

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Voting -1 as this question for "shortest and optimal" may have only opinion based answers, you don't provide any measurable scenario and it falls into the stackoverflow.com/help/dont-ask category –  xmojmr Jun 11 at 20:04

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I think this should do:

//string value is stored in str
boolean bool = (str.equals("0")||str.equals("false"))?false:true;
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You could include str == "1":

foreach(string str in new[]{ "0", "1", "false", "true"})
    bool isTrue;
    isTrue = Boolean.TryParse(str, out isTrue) || str == "1";

For what it's worth, an extension method:

public static bool ParseBool(this string input, bool oneIsTrue = true)
    bool b;
    return (oneIsTrue && input == "1") || bool.TryParse(input, out b);

// ...
foreach(string str in new[]{ "0", "1", "false", "true", "True", "TRUE"})
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That's entirely different than the foreach from your original answer ;) But what's with the out b reference? –  Moriarty Jun 10 at 14:40
@Moriarty: The extension is equivalent to the foreach, isn't it? I've added the extension just because OP was asking for the shortest code. There isnn't anything shorter than str.ParseBool(). The out is necessary to use bool.TryParse. It's an out parameter. –  Tim Schmelter Jun 10 at 14:43

Try this simple one.

string[] ar = { "0", "1", "true", "false" };
var boolArray = ar.Select(x => (x=="1"||x=="true")?true:false).ToArray();
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