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I have installed Oracle 12C Standard Edition. Everything works fine there. I have also connected the Oracle SQL Developer Client 4.0. From that I can access the tables, indexes etc.

I am trying to see the tablespace details from SQL Developer Client by clicking the View -> DBA menu. By clicking this menu, nothing is getting opened.

Through EM I can able to see those. But I want to see through SQL developer.

I am not sure, whether I need to do any settings, so that the View -> DBA menu can be opened.

Attached Screenshot for reference:

Here I am selecting the DBA option under View Menu

enter image description here

But I don't see any DBA related window.

enter image description here

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You don't have a new panel on the left-hand side called "DBA"? Somewhere under the "Connections" panel? –  Alex Poole Jun 10 at 14:44
not under connections tab...under View Menu, there is DBA Sub menu...when i clicked that, nothing happened. –  RobinHood Jun 10 at 14:49

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Selecting the View->DBA menu item displays the "DBA" panel, on the left side of the SQL Developer window and somewhere below the "Connections" panel; the exact placement may vary a bit depending on which other panels you have displayed:

enter image description here

You then need to add a connection in that window' if you click the green plus sign you can choose an existing connection to add to this panel. Once you've done that you can expand the sections to see the tablespaces:

enter image description here

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Thanks for you reply. I have edited my question. Also added the screenshot. After the clicking the DBA menu also, i dint see any DBA windows in sql developer. –  RobinHood Jun 11 at 14:56
OK, I see you have your Connections section minimised to the left border; but even starting from that position you should see the DBA section in the left border too after picking the menu item. Are you on the current release,, or one of the earlier versions of 4.0? –  Alex Poole Jun 11 at 15:00
The version is –  RobinHood Jun 11 at 15:04
Hmm, well works for me in that version too, whether the connections are minimised or not. I'm running both versions under Windows 7. Not sure what to suggest, apart from reinstalling, or installing the later version to see if that fixes it anyway. Since it should be working, maybe you need to ask on the forum, or raise a service request. Strange... –  Alex Poole Jun 11 at 15:27
I am using Windows Server 2012 R2. Is that anyway related to the issue.? –  RobinHood Jun 12 at 9:07

I faced same problem, solved by: Windows->reset windows to factory settings. After that everything worked fine

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