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I have written this piece of code to calculate column widths for my grid system:

@mixin calc-width($index, $type) {
  $column-calculation: (100% - ($gutter-width-procent * ($column-count - 1))) / $column-count;
  $column-width: ($column-calculation * $index);
  $gutter: ($gutter-width-procent * ($index - 1));
  @if ($index > 0) {
    @if ($type != 'width') {
      #{$type}: $column-width + $gutter + $gutter-width-procent;
    } @else {
      #{$type}: $column-width + $gutter;

I am calling that up in a different function like this:

  @for $index from 1 through $column-count {
    &.size-#{$index} {
      @include calc-width($index, 'width');

With the variables of:

$column-count: 12 !default; //12
$row-max-width: 1024;

$gutter-width-px: 15px !default; //In px
$gutter-width-procent: percentage($gutter-width-px / $row-max-width);

I like the system. But there is one thing that doesnt seem correct...

Can i do this line on another way, then substracting from 100%?

$column-calculation: (100% - ($gutter-width-procent * ($column-count - 1))) / $column-count;
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Not really sure, if this solves your problem, but i wouldn't create the grid gutters like that. You can easily create them if you use "box-sizing", a negative margin on the parent and a padding for every column. So your ("pseudo")-HTML could look like:


And your CSS like that:

.parent {
    margin-left: -GUTTER;
.child {
    padding-left: GUTTER;

Your SASS function to create the widths for the columns could then be simplified as well. I made a pen to show you one way to solve your gutter problem.

This SASS function is just for testing and doesn't check for duplicates (.size1-2 (50%) and .size2-4) and other stuff.

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I'm sorry, i totally forgot to mention that i am using the box-sizing: border-box and other different CSS properties wich im going to post now. But the problem when i use the padding is that i cant give the column a background color. Only the content's of it. Wich is getting very ugly when using margins for example on h1or h2s – Bas Jun 10 '14 at 18:12
@Dreiba You're right, using that method you can't set a background-color on .column directly. As you already said you just need to create a new element inside .column and give this element a background-color of your choice. I didn't understand your issue with the margins on headlines though. Can you give me an example? Probably I can help with that. – demrks Jun 10 '14 at 21:19
There is'nt really an issue with the margins. But i'm not really sure about how the code where it calculates all column widths. Where it substracts from the 100%. Its working, but its very confusing...$column-calculation: (100% - ($gutter-width-procent * ($column-count - 1))) / $column-count; – Bas Jun 11 '14 at 6:36
@Dreiba If you have x columns, you always have (x - 1) gutters. So this piece (100% - ($gutter-width-procent * ($column-count - 1))) calculates the width of your row minus all the gutters (11 in your case). It then divides this value by the amount of your columns (12 in your case) to get the width of only one column. While this should work, your CSS gets a lot more complex, if you are doing it this way. So apart from the background-color "issue" you mentioned (which can be easily solved) I don't really see an advantage over the other method. – demrks Jun 11 '14 at 7:58
@Dreiba For now that's the only way I'm aware of... See this updated pen. But i personally don't think it is too bad. Using flexbox we could most likely get rid of the extra container, but unfortunately it is IE10+ only ( – demrks Jun 11 '14 at 8:21

I may be getting the wrong end of the stick here but if if you used box-sizing: border-box; and padding for your gutters then you wouldn't have to do any calculation. There's a great post about border-box here.

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I'm sorry. I totally forgot to mention that im already using border-box already. (And other css properties) – Bas Jun 10 '14 at 18:13

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