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Using python 2.4:

How can I iterate over this data structure:

if device not in alerts:
    alerts[device] = {}
alerts[device]['mntpt'] = mntpt
alerts[device][timestamp] = { 'r_ops': r_ops, 'r_avgrtt': r_avgrtt, 'r_avgexe': r_avgexe, 'w_ops': w_ops, 'w_avgrtt': w_avgrtt, 'w_avgexe': w_avgexe }

I want to do some calculations on the values in the timestamps dicts for each device.

Thx for any help...

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Is it timestamp of 'timestamp'? –  Andrei Horak Jun 10 at 14:57
What exactly are you trying to do and what is the problem? Please show your code. –  Lev Levitsky Jun 10 at 15:00

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Is this what you're looking for?

for device in alerts:
    for timestamp in alerts[device]:
        #Do stuff with timestamp
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No point to dereference this way collection for the 2nd loop. Just use for timestamp in device: –  David Unric Jun 10 at 15:06
But timestamp is not a member of device, it's a member of alerts[device]. Either I'm misunderstanding you or I disagree. –  Brionius Jun 10 at 15:15
alerts is a dictionary containing nested dictionaries. In the 2nd loop you are just assigning to timestamp variable one of these nested dictionaries referred by device key assigned in the outer loop. The timestamp var in OP's question is unrelated to your example. –  David Unric Jun 10 at 16:05
Sorry for the inconvenience. I've reread OP's a bit unclear question and find your answer correct. –  David Unric Jun 10 at 16:33
That is what I was looking for, actually stumbled upon that after posting.. Thx for the info. btw what is with the creepy creeps down voting a legitimate question? They obviously didn't search for this exact depth of iteration because I did. /facepalm –  Rhugga Jun 10 at 18:27

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