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On IOS7 Safari browser an element disappears. I have three Flexslider on one page and the second slider's sibling (.controls-wrapper) disappears. It works in any other browser.

HTML: I initalize the slider on .services

<div class="controls-wrapper unselectable"><div class="controls clearfix">
        <div class="active">
            <div class="circle"></div>
            <div class="rect">AAAA</div>
            <div class="circle"></div>
            <div class="rect">AAAA</div>
<div><div class="services">
    <ul class="slides">


    initDelay: 2000,
    animation: "slide",
    animationSpeed: 800,
    slideshow: false,
    directionNav: false,
    touch: false,
    keyboard: false,
    controlNav: false

If I remove the jquery init, the element doesn't disappear. Any idea? Thanks in advance

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