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Does anyone know how to build a Qt5 app in debug mode? In Qt4 there used to be a flag in the CONFIG var which generated a Debug Makefile, but it seems it's not working anymore.

I do not want to hack the Makefile to add debug symbols and remove optimizations, so which is the neat way of doing this?


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qmake will (at least in my configuration) produce 3 Makefiles (Makefile, Makefile.release and Makefile.debug). You can use YOURMAKETOOL debug to build your debug build.

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Only one Makefile... –  David G.F. Jun 12 at 9:02
Do you use QtCreator or another IDE/console to invoke qmake? –  OnWhenReady Jun 13 at 12:12
For me using Qt 5.3 qmake generates 3 Makefiles (at least on Windows OS). –  OnWhenReady Jun 13 at 12:18

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