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I'm experimenting with JavaFX making a small game.

I want to add sound. How?

I tried MediaPlayer with media defined with relative source attribute like:

attribute media = Media{
    source: "{__FILE__}/sound/hormpipe.mp3"        
attribute player = MediaPlayer{

It doesn't play. I get

FX Media Object caught Exception Media unavailable: file: ... Sound.class/sound/hormpipe.mp3

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Just a guess, but is that file "hornpipe.mp3" and not "hormpipe.mp3" (with an m)?

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Nope file name is ok. Anyone played sound in JavaFX? – Chobicus Nov 5 '08 at 23:06

var player = { repeatCount: media: Media { source: "{__DIR__}clip.wav" }; };;

You have to incluye the audio file in the build/compiled directory so Netbeans can pack it into the jar file.

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Just a guess, but I think your {__FILE__} will expand to the name of your file. Try replacing it with {__DIR__}.

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Also note that {__DIR__} includes the trailing /, so try this instead:

attribute media = Media{
source: "{__DIR__}sound/hormpipe.mp3"}

EDIT: I did some digging, and apparently, the source of a Media object has to be either a remote URL, or an absolute file path, since media files aren't allowed in JARs (something I hope gets changed with future releases, since I really like JavaFX and want to be able to make desktop apps with it). See: JavaFX FAQs.

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This worked for me:

MediaPlayer audio = new MediaPlayer(
    new Media(
        new File("file.mp3").toURI().toString()));

Source file should be in project's root directory (not src, not dist).

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