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We have an Ubuntu server VM that is running a Java application on it, and I need to profile it using Java's JVisualVM GUI tool.

I need to SSH into the server (say, ssh admin@ourapp.example.com) and turn on X Windows so that I can run JVisualVM at the terminal and have the X Window "break out" of the VM and run on my host (a Windows 7 machine).

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Use cygwin and Xorg to start a server on your Windows machine, then use cygwin's xterm and ssh -Y to enable X11 forwarding. Make sure you install X and ssh when you install cygwin. –  Elliott Frisch Jun 10 at 16:03
Much easier: Use Xmingw and PuTTY. –  chrylis Jun 10 at 16:03

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Following are the steps :

  1. Install X-Windows on your Windows 7 machine (example exceed or Xming)
  2. ssh to your unix machine
  3. export DISPLAY to the ip address of you Win 7 box export DISPLAY=
  4. Test it by running xterm or JVisualVM
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