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I'm trying to export a copy of the Explain Plan from Oracle SQL Developer

All I get out is a html file named what I specify, then a newly created folder in the same directory called "images", which is empty.

I've taken a squizz at the (cough)tabular(cough) HTML output, found there's half a dozen images specified, but I think there's CSS (style not specified inline, CSS not imported though) and Javascript (expand/contract areas) that I'm missing as well.

I've tried googling the names of the images that are most unique, but I can't find any other resource with this issue.

Is there a location online I can get these images/CSS/Javascript, OR is this a bug AND there is a fix somewhere OR am I just a noob?

The machine I'm using SQL Developer on has full admin rights, so it shouldn't be an issue of lack of create rights, especially in my own desktop/my documents UNLESS there's another place the images are stored in. I'm searching my HDD now, to see if I can find them anywhere...

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If you look in the SQL Developer directory, there is a file oracle.sqldeveloper.worksheet.jar Open that with IZArc (or WinZip or some equivalent) and under oracle/dbtools/worksheet/images you'll find the ones you'll need.

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You, sir, are a Oracle god among men. – glasnt Mar 10 '10 at 22:56
As of version 3.0.04 (Oct 2011), it seems like SQL Developer generates an images directory in the same dir as the html file now - at least on Mac – matt b Oct 21 '11 at 16:41

I used the print-command, and printed to a PDF-Printer. That gave me exactly the whole explain plan output inside a PDF.

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Have you considered creating an explain plan using plain old SQL?

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The output I'm getting is an explain plan anyway, just with HTML wrappers. I wanted to get the program's functionality working, because it is easier to understand for the business. – glasnt Mar 10 '10 at 21:40

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