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I have Excel Data like below

       JID     Val

       1001    22
       1030    6
       1031    14          
       1041    8
       1001    3
       2344    8
       1030    8
       2344    6
       1041    8

How do i get the unique JID values like below using formula?


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You can use the remove duplicate function

Select the column range

Go to Data Tab

then click on Remove Duplicates

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Here is a solution to get a list of unique items from your tables

There is two parts to this solution.

Part 1) Unique Count


This will count the number of unique items in your data table and will ignore any blanks

*Note this is an array formula and you will need to use "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "Enter" to use

Part 2) Unique List

This formula will give you the list of unique items in your table


again this is an array formula. You can then drag this formula down to get all the unique items.

This formula is a dynamic formula, meaning you can set the data range past your current data range and the list will update as you enter new values.

*Here is a great video to watch to understand this further


enter image description here

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