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So I like the use of popovers but it's not behaving as I want. I need it to persist until the message is cleared (it seems if you try and display an empty string popover it won't show it which is fine).

The scenario: I'm basically using it for error messages in a form. It will be used in a mobile application so I can't have resizing. This makes the popover perfect. Whenever they lose focus on the input field, it should show the popover (which will contain the error message if applicable) IF the popover is visible, and they revisit the input field, the message should persist (or hide until they lose focus again and redisplay the message if un-resolved) until the error is resolved. Currently, if you "trigger" the popover, it displays. Once you re-trigger it, it hides it. This could lead to a user thinking they resolved something they haven't. The popover doesn't become visible again until you "trigger" it again. Which could require a hover, click or focus.

Goals: Make a popover "hide" upon focus and "show" on blur. This way, if they resolve the conflict, the "show" won't display anything since the message will be empty (currently).

My question, can I modify the popover directive provided by bootstrap? I'm new to angular and directives so don't assume anything is known.

I currently have

var mod = cai.module("peControllers"); 
mod.directive("modifiedPopover", [function () {
return {
    restrict : "A",
    link: function(scope, element, attrs){



Not sure where to go from here. I assume I need to inject the popover directive somehow and append functionality.

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