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I have experience using Kinect in Windows and Visual Studio. But i want to use functions from OpenCV in Linux and did the following:

Installed OpenNI (old 1.5 version from github) Installed Nite (1.5) Installed SensorKinect (from git)

After that, i could run the OpenNI samples normally.

Now i want to use OpenCV, wich i already had installed but not configured to work with Kinect. I went to the opencv source folder and tried to cmake it again with the WITH_OPENNI flag, but it cant find openni neither the prime sense.

I think maybe libs and bins from both arent in the right place, but i dont know how to check where they are or how to point the path to cmake. What should i do? Im using ubuntu 12.04

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What kind of error do you get? Did you use ccmake or similar to set the paths for OpenNI and PrimeSense? – Simson Jun 10 '14 at 19:01
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You can try the following:

to find openni folder

locate XnOS.h

and it should give something like




also some other directories like the source and so on... but the ones you care are /usr... If you don't have this ones then the openni is not installed or not installed correctly

to tell the cmake the path I sugest you to use ccmake in the build directory

ccmake ..

This will give you the options and you may change variables and some paths....

Hope this helps you, if you still have trouble just post a comment

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