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I am running a django web app on an ec2 ubuntu 12.04 server with apache2 and mod_wsgi. Now I want to make another of my Java web app online on the same server.

I have installed apache-tomcat-7 on my ec2 server, and I know it's better to make apache2 host the Java web app through mod_jk instead of directly using tomcat to host it.

Because I have already installed mod_wsgi for my apache2 server, and all incoming requests except those 'Alias' I defined will be handled by my django app, how can I make mod_jk co-exist with mod_wsgi? Or make tomcat co-exist with django on the same apache2 web server?

For example:

  • "www.example.com/dosomething" will be handled by django through mod_wsgi
  • "www.example.com/alias/somepicture.png" will still be served by apache2

Now I want:

  • "www.example.com/tomcat/dosomething" could be processed by tomcat through mod_jk instead of django.

Is that possible? I can barely find any reasonable answers nor examples online, could anyone suggest?

Thanks in advance!

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I guess Apache config <Location> directive should to the trick, as you can set different handler per each <Location> –  Mikko Ohtamaa Jun 10 '14 at 16:58

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