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I want to open one subwindow from another subwindow.That is, i m having one popup subwindow in that window i placed one button.If we click that button another popup subwindow should open. When i am trying this i m getting error that "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: You can only add windows inside application-level windows." Can anyone tell me how to solve this in vaadin.

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You need a reference to the main window for the application and add a subwindow to that.


Hope this helps.

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In my case I tried the same with a reference I pass to my CustomComponent and tried to add the window from there: refToApplicaiton.getMainWindow().addWindow(myNewSubWindow); but I get the same error. Any idea? – javydreamercsw Oct 24 '11 at 21:55

Just a small correction to the previous solution:


Those div-bases embedded child windows cannot contain sub-windows, but the main window (and any other top level native window) can.

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On Vaadin 7 this can be done as follows:

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