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I have using ASP.NET MVC 5 and for validation I am using the regular Jquery unobtrusive validation library. Currently I am facing an issue, The regular expression validation is working all right on client side but on server side its not validating the value.

 [RegularExpression(@"^[0-9]{19}$", ErrorMessage = "Invalid Value")]
 public string Value{ get; set; }

this is the simple regular expression to validate 19 digits. Its working fine on client side it'll now allow ' or - or any thing to pass on but if i submit directly to server than the model is not being validated. Do I need to do some thing special?

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Are you calling Model.IsValid? What happens when the model binds? Any exception? Show us something else to help. –  Fals Jun 10 '14 at 17:20
Some how ModelState.IsValid was not returning the error. –  Mudasar Rauf Jun 10 '14 at 17:27

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ModelBinding ( the process of mapping post/get values to a complex model) occurs when you send data via post/get/put/delete requests, if you are manually creating a class with validation classes somewhere those data/validation annotations won't apply.

you can validate models manually - Validate list of models programmatically in ASP.NET MVC

That said, there is a library called PostSharp that can enforce those rules even when you are creating custom object/models outside of MVC ( CodeContracts ) and if it doesn't validate it throws an exception. Keep in mind that this library is paid but it has free version available that might fit your needs.

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