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Having some real problems with the build of my app.

It was released for iphone and works great. I have since made it universal and all was great on the simulator and my ipad.

Sent to Apple for release....waited my turn.

Now the app fails when loading a level to play. I cannot see where the difference in debug and release is in xcode as it works fine in debug.

So my question is can i archive the debug build and send that as an update? Dont really want to waste a week waiting to get knocked back

Cheers in advance. James

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Sometime, we miss some parameters in Header Search Path or Framework SearchPath or Library Search Path. If you use 3rd libraries, maybe they have different builds for Debug & Release target. So, make sure that on release configuration, all are configured. Then, you can do a test by running your application in Release mode. For your question, the answer is NO: you cannot send debug archive to submit to Apple Store. –  tyt_g207 Jun 10 at 18:01

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