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This is a part from a Fortran 90 code.

where (abs(A-B)>e)
end where

A and B are arrays of some particular dimensions, and e is a scalar. I have to say that I am not that familiar with either programming languages.

I have used the f2matlab but it does very poor job on this Fortran statement.

I am wondering whether the equivalent for a Matlab is something like this:

if abs(A-B)>e
    no_converge=1 ;
    no_converge=0 ; 

Is this correct ?

The no_converge is a scalar (integer in Fortran declarations), used at different sections in order to begin some other loops.

I will really appreciate any suggestions here, and please let me know whether more information is needed.

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Not correct, no. In the Fortran no_converge ought to be an array of the same size (and shape) as A and B; its elements will be set to 1 where abs(A-B)>e and 0 elsewhere. So in your Matlab code no_converge shouldn't be a scalar but an array. However, without sight of your declarations I'm just making educated guesses. Show us some (more) code.

I don't have Matlab on this computer so can't check, but if memory serves me well you can do something very similar, like this

no_converge(abs(A-B)>e) = 1
no_converge(abs(A-B)<=e) = 0

provided that no_converge is, as in the Fortran case, an array of the same size and shape as A and B.

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Thanks it works what you are suggesting me, and indeed the no_converge had to be of the same size as of A and B. – user17880 Jun 11 '14 at 9:24

The WHERE statement in Fortran sort of combines a loop with a conditional, but only for assignments.

no_convergence in the Fortran code must be a vector with (at least) the same extend as A and B. So, the code you provided is certainly incorrect.

I don't know whether you can do something similar in Matlab, but you can always do a explicit loop and test for convergence element-wise.

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There WHERE construct in Fortran can be replaced by a MERGE one-liner which f2matlab may be better able to translate:

no_converge = merge(1,0,abs(A-B)>e)
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