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I've started developing for GAE (Google App Engine) and I want to build a REST API using Google Cloud SQL. I currently have a web app in App Engine that works well with Google Cloud SQL but I need to build an API to provide REST services for Android and iOS or any other technology capable of consume web-services.

I've read many docs in Google about Mobile Backend Starter, Endpoints, etc. I'm not pretty sure how to integrate with my existing Cloud SQL Database. I think I'm almost near to get what I need.

If someone knows a tutorial or documentation to achieve what I need, please share it in here.


share|improve this question might be one way to go – Paul Collingwood Jun 10 '14 at 20:04
Thanks Paul, that should do it but since I'm hosting in GAE, Google Cloud Endpoints seems to be the idieal alternative as decribed in this article. Will try to implement that tutorial to see if works for me. – monchoz Jun 11 '14 at 0:52
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I've found what I needed!

If anyone tries to implement Google Cloud Endpoints using Google Cloud SQL, Python with Django, please follow this tutorial You will be able to build a RESTful API with your existing Django Models.

Also, here's a Youtube Video from GDL which explains very well how to use ProtoRPC for Python and build your Google Cloud Enpoints APIs. ProtoRPC is a framework for implementing HTTP-based remote procedure call (RPC) service.

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