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I am running a Fortran code in linux, and somehow it has some functions from C. Now I need to understand how GETVAL works.

I would appreciate if someone can interpret the following.

CALL GETVAL('DT ',DT,'R8',0,0,0,0,NDUM,NERR)   
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I don't think getval is a built-in. If it's a C function in your code, you'll have to look at the actual source code for that function to interpret it. –  Ajean Jun 10 at 20:22
Can you add the interface for GETVAL to your post? –  casey Jun 11 at 3:26

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Search in your code (and code of linked libraries) for these symbols:


if it is C function called from Fortran is would be defined as one of these in C code, depends on your compiler & flags (e.g. assume underscore for ifort)

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