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I would be grateful if someone could provide guidance and advice as to how to use cloudfoundry in order to place a Spring MVC app offline so that maintenance can be performed.

The idea is that during the maintenance, all of the website's URLs would redirect to a maintenance page.

Is there any build-in support for this in the Pivotal/Cloudfoundry console?

Any advice, strategies or pointer to documentation welcome.

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If the maintenance page is an app running on CF, then you can use cf map-route and cf unmap-route to do this. Given that your app has the name my-app, the maintenance page app has the name maint-app, and the route to the app is, that might look like this:

$ cf map-route maint-app -n coolapp
$ cf unmap-route my-app -n coolapp

After these commands, all requests to would go to the maintenance page app. After maintenance is complete, you would do the reverse operations.

This is similar to the blue-green zero downtime deployment technique that is described here:

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