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I am new in symfony2, I wanted to create a simple form and here is my code : in the controller :

    public function testAction(Request $request) {    
    $form = $this->createFormBuilder()
    ;//initializing the form
     return $this->render('LoginLoginBundle:Default:test.html.twig', array     ('myform'=>$form->createView()));

in the twig file:

{%extends "::base.html.twig"%}
{% block body %}
{{ form(myform)}} 
{% endblock %}

I get this error : Could not load type "submit" and even if I delete ->add('save','submit') I get this error :

The function "form" does not exist. Did you mean "form_row", "form_rest", "form_label", "form_errors", "form_widget", "form_enctype" in LoginLoginBundle:Default:test.html.twig at line 3
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I think you have Symfony 2.2 you should update it to 2.5. But if you want to keep your version, you must read this doc. They tell you you need to render your form with this code :

{% extends "::base.html.twig"%}
{% block body %}
    <form action="{{ path('your_route') }}" method="post" {{ form_enctype(myform) }}>
        {{ form_widget(myform) }}

        <input type="submit" />
{% endblock %}

(You can see that the "submit" button must be rendered in the template and that you can't add it in your controller with your version of Symfony)

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thx, it works,I don't want to update because I will have trouble in dependencies with other vendors. but please edit 'form' to 'myform' to show that this is the passed variable. :) –  bourax webmaster Jun 10 '14 at 20:55
Glad it helped you ! Sorry, I just edited it :) –  Minipipo1 Jun 10 '14 at 20:58

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