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hi i want to know how to create a PATCH for the difference file i got by comparing two banary files. $cmp -l > output file name

i checked for text files 'diff" can be used to compare and generate a PATCH file $ diff -u oldFile newFile > mods.diff # -u tells diff to output unified diff format

i want to apply the PATCH on the old binary image file to get my new binary image file.

thank you --sujit

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Diff and Patch are designed to work with text files, not arbitrary binary data. You should use something like bsdiff instead.

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JDIFF is a program that outputs the differences between two (binary) files.
Also you can use therdiff command.

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If you still want to use diff & patch. Here is a way... Write a c program yourself to insert a newline character at the end of every 512/1024/your_choice bytes (this is just to fool the diff as it compares the files line by line). Run this script on your two input files.

Then run 'diff -au file1 file2 > mod.diff (you will get the patch here)'

Patching is simple 'patch < mod.diff'

Than again write a program to remove the newlines from the binary file. That is all...

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