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I have a JsonNode with this JSON in it :


I want to change the JsonNode to look like this


Is it possible using Jackson API ?

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You won't be able to rename keys in key-value JSON pairs. What you will need to do is create a new key-value pair with the same value but with a different key and remove the old one.

JsonNode node = ...;
ObjectNode object = (ObjectNode) node;
object.set("MyNewFieldName", new TextNode(node.get("temperature").asText()));
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Thanks for the idea :) but i got this error The method set(String, TextNode) is undefined for the type ObjectNode –  user3330322 Jun 10 at 23:34
@user3330322 I'm using Jackson 2. Are you? The target method is ObjectNode#set(String, JsonNode). If such a method doesn't exist in the version of Jackson you are using, there might be something similar. –  Sotirios Delimanolis Jun 10 at 23:37
I think i'am using jackson 1.9, well there is a put(String,JsonNode) method, i think it does the same thing. thanks a lot. –  user3330322 Jun 10 at 23:42

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