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Is it true that the syntax for (assign of variable value) is different than the syntax for (assign of address) in PHP.

Like: If we want to store variable value to another variable then we can do it like this:

print $a;
print $b;
// output is 22

But if we want to store variable address to another variable then we can do it like this:

$a=&$b; // note the & operator
print $a;
print $b;
// output is 33

Note that first time $b contain '2' then after $a=&$b; $b will contain '3' , now the point to think that if we want to store variable value then we will use $a=$b; & if we want to store variable location address then we will use $a=&$b;

My conclusion:

The way of value storing is like:

$store_destination = $store_source;   // ie: value save from right to left.

but the way of address storing is like:

$store_source = $store_destination;   // ie: address save from left to right.

Am i right?

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In PHP we don't talk about address and pointers explicitly, instead we talk about a concept called references.

In case 2, you are making $b a reference to $a as a result of which they both refer to the same content. Any change made to either will also change the other.

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well i already know what the code is doing but i just want to confirm the two different ways of storing values (actual value & reference). –  PHP Ferrari Mar 10 '10 at 7:50

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