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What I'm trying to replicate:

The app 'Cobook Contacts' allows you to select multiple contacts. You can then send a message to these contacts. The app does this by opening the native messages app, and populating it with MULTIPLE NUMBERS.

What I've tried:

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"sms:123,456"]];

This only opens messages with the first number populated.

What I Need:

A way to replicate what Cobook Contacts does. Using an MFMessageComposeController is not good enough, I'd like to open the native messaging app. Working example code is bounty worthy.


I haven't gotten anywhere further, but the object files for the cobook app are actually available at https://cobook.co/open-source. I don't know if it's possible to reverse engineer this to the extent of finding out how they open the message app however.

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Try a semi colon ;) –  ScottMcGready Jun 11 at 0:03
@ScottMcGready already have. No luck. I don't think it's quite as simple as that... although I could be mistaken! The native mail url just uses commas to separate addresses, but sms doesn't seem to work the same. –  Jordan Jun 11 at 0:05
That's odd, email it's a semicolon. Tried a space (clutching at straws now!) or other standard separators? –  ScottMcGready Jun 11 at 0:07
@ScottMcGready mail seems to accept any sort of separator then. Yep, space just appends the numbers into one larger number. I don't think it's a straight forward solution somehow. –  Jordan Jun 11 at 0:10
@Jordan I downloaded Cobook, but I feel stupid and can't figure out how to select multiple contacts for the life of me. Mind explaining quickly? –  esqew Jun 11 at 0:11

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I also worked on the code of the app (also credit to DJ_Lectr0 in the comments) and found that this works:

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"sms:/open?addresses=555.234.5678,555.234.5454;body=Hello,%20World"]];

This allows you to specify multiple addresses (phone numbers) as well as add a body (which you can obviously leave off)!

Some interesting and related material. This is the only real documentation about opening the SMS from Apple that I could find. It neither specifies the body argument or multiple addressees, but does show you the different string formats/characters you can use. This SO answer also got me thinking about using an argument (in this case it ended up being addresses although I tried about a hundred different things) and was where I found the body option.

This is what I ended up with when I use the exact code above:

enter image description here

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Lol, this did not work for me 2 minutes ago and now it does! –  DJ_Lectr0 Jun 11 at 9:18
You found this by trial and error... wow, that is some serious dedication! There are quite a few forum posts etc asking how to do this, and everyone is stumped. Kudos to you. That is quite a find! –  Jordan Jun 11 at 11:03
For anyone else trying this, I'll be nice and save you the hassle. Whitespace characters seem to mess this up and don't launch anything. Remove them from your numbers and you're set. –  Jordan Jun 11 at 11:05
The body argument doesn't seem to work - is there any trick to this? –  Jordan Jun 11 at 11:11
@Jordan, Glad it is partly working for you! Yeah, it does not seem to like whitespace. I added an image of what you should see. Does yours not pre-fill the text when you use the exact code above? –  Firo Jun 11 at 11:50

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