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I am trying to create a heat map out of a data file in gnuplot. I use 'set pm3d interpolate 0,0' but I get 'invalid command' for the interpolate part. Do you know what is the problem?thank you

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Please post a sample data structure and a minimal example script that allows to reproduce the problem. –  Miguel Jun 11 at 6:37
Which gnuplot version do you have? set pm3d interpolate is supported at least since version 4.2.0. –  Christoph Jun 11 at 7:15
I use gnuplot 4.0 that is why the interpolate is not working. I downloaded the new version but it still does not produce the results I thought it would e.g (starkoverflow.com/questions/21663358/gnuplot-heatmap-xyz) –  user3567003 Jun 11 at 18:41
Then please give us a minimal example script, which shows us what you're doing and what is wrong. –  Christoph Jun 11 at 19:27
I have a data file and I do : set pm3d interpolate 0,0 splot 'file.dat' and it gives the same result like the one when using just the splot command i.e. a 3D plot of my data. –  user3567003 Jun 11 at 19:28
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