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I'd like to serialize one of my AR model attributes (Rails 3.2) into an array of primary keys of another AR model.

The behavior I want is identical to this:

class Quiz < AR::Base ;     has_many :questions ; end
class Question < AR::Base ; belongs_to :quiz ;    end

When we do the above, q.questions (where q is a Quiz) returns a linear array of Question objects. (Well, a proxy object, but it quacks like an array.)

But rather than using FK's for the relationship, I want to just keep a list of question id's (primary keys) that are serialized into an array:

class Quiz < AR::Base;
   serialize :questions, Array

But the idea is that I now want q.questions to lookup each primary key in the questions table, and again return an array of Question objects. (There are various reasons I want to do it this way, including that preserving the ordering of the associated questions matters, and there is no performance hit since I always need to eager-load Questions when I refer to a Quiz.)

I know how to write questions and questions= methods that do this, but do I need to? Or does some combination of has_many and serialize and composed_of (or some gem) do what I want?

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