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Well, I have been struggling with this since a few days. I made a new Android project and when tried to debug it in my phone eclipse tells me that my project contain errors, but it doesn't mark any error in the .java or .xml files. I don't know if it has something to do appcompat_v7 projects that it's generating. And I also just made a new project (the default hello world! screen) and even though I haven't change anything to it neither in its appcompat_v7 project I can't execute it in my phone.

I tried cleaning and rebuilding, and also deleting the debug.keystore file but nothing works. This is how my package explorer looks like but it doesn't mark any errors in the files.


Can anybody help me with this?

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it seems content loading problem. try to restart your eclipse and if it longs then Project>Clean>Clean all projects –  Umitk Jun 11 at 2:16
I have also tried that, but it keeps the same way –  user3543535 Jun 11 at 2:47
Try to delete the workspace folder and re-import the project –  VinhNT Jun 11 at 3:26
No, it doesn't work. Just made a lot of errors in main.java and other res files –  user3543535 Jun 11 at 4:43

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