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How can I copy a list of files modified today with the directory structure into a new directory. As shown in the following command I want to copy all the files modified today from /dev1/Java/src into /dev2/java/src. The src folder has many sub directories.

find /dev1/Java/src -newermt 2014-06-10 > 1.txt

for f in $(cat 1.txt) ; do cp $f /dev2/Java/src; done

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Try cd /dev1/Java/src; find . -mindepth 1 -mtime -1 | cpio -pdmuv /dev2/Java/src. Or if you prefer to use the list of files in 1.txt try cpio -pdmuv < 1.txt as long as the list of file in 1.txt is relative to /dev1/Java/src. –  alvits Jun 11 at 2:24
@alvits you should post that as an answer. –  larsks Jun 11 at 3:54
@alvits please post as an answer –  dipu Jun 20 at 1:22
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You can take advantage of find and cpio utility.

cd /dev1/Java/src; find . -mindepth 1 -mtime -1 | cpio -pdmuv /dev2/Java/src

The above command goes to the source directory and finds the list of new files relative to the source directory.

The output is read by cpio and copies the files into the target directory in the same structure as the source, hence the need for relative pathnames.

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Extracts the files modified within a day and copies them to the desired path.

find . -type f -mtime -1 -exec cp {} /path \;

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Bit of explanation here would help the questioner understand better your answer.. "give a man a fish.. etc" –  msturdy Jun 11 at 11:56
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