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Why key_1 is not cleared when execution time is greater than TTL?

$ttl = 3;

$key = 'key_1';

if (apc_exists($key)) {
    echo "Data exists!\n";
    if (apc_delete($key))
        echo "Data deleted.\n";
        die("Unable to delete data\n");
} else {
    echo "Data not present.\n";

apc_add($key, 'some-value', $ttl);

$start = microtime(true);

echo "TTL: ".$ttl."sec\n";

while (1) {
    $exec_time = round(microtime(true) - $start, 1);
    $data = apc_fetch($key);
    if (!empty($data)) {
        echo 'key_1: ['.$data.']: '
            .(($exec_time > $ttl) ? "\t<<< Data still exists!\n" : "\n");
    } else {
        die("Data was cleared!\n");

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Can you also var_dump the response of apc_add? Is it possible that key_1 already exists with a longer TTL? –  Scopey Jun 11 at 2:45
I have edited the script to check if data is already present and it was not there... –  Roman Newaza Jun 11 at 2:53

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I read the docs a little more and I found the answer. Under the section for the TTL parameter:

Time To Live; store var in the cache for ttl seconds. After the ttl has passed, the stored variable will be expunged from the cache (on the next request). If no ttl is supplied (or if the ttl is 0), the value will persist until it is removed from the cache manually, or otherwise fails to exist in the cache (clear, restart, etc.).

The key part is the first set of brackets; (on the next request)

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Well, there's no request as it is cli. See tags :) –  Roman Newaza Jun 11 at 4:48
Similar sort of deal as I understand. Try running a script to store a value, then manually try to fetch the value 3 seconds later with a seperate CLI call. –  Scopey Jun 11 at 4:50
Tried that already - the data is not shared among the processes though –  Roman Newaza Jun 11 at 4:58
Do you have the CLI mode turned on? apc.enable_cli - php.net/manual/en/apc.configuration.php#ini.apc.enable-cli –  Scopey Jun 12 at 2:18
yea, it is On.. –  Roman Newaza Jun 12 at 3:36

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