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The elasticseach documentation is very informal. For example, Filtered Query does not specify if the "query" or the "filter" part is required. There is a comment under "query" that says query definition, but there is no further explanation what this is supposed to mean. To interpret the documentation, a lot of guesswork is needed to figure out what is legal.

Where can I find a formal definition of the elasticseach DSL?

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I found Elasticsearch Query DSL documentation to be quite comprehensive.

I guess in the example you highlight, it is a bit tricky. Filtered Query is a chain to the results of another query.

The query definition and filter definition of Filtered query maps to queries and filters section of the Query DSL (probably not obvious). You could use any of the queries (match etc.) and any of the filter (exists etc) in the filtered query payload.

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This still does not answer the question if both parts are required or optional. If I write a query by hand, that is not a problem. But if the query is generated, and the fiter part is empty, can I still use a Filtered Query or do I have to drop the Filtered Query "wrapper" and only use the Query part. –  Michael_Scharf Jun 11 '14 at 14:20

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