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I am trying to scrap data from a website which lists the ratings of multiple products. So, let's say a product has 800 brands. So, with 10 brands per page, I will need to scrap data from 8 pages. Eg: Here is the data for baby care. There are 24 pages worth of brands that I need - http://www.goodguide.com/products?category_id=152775-baby-care&sort_order=DESC#!rf%3D%26rf%3D%26rf%3D%26cat%3D152775%26page%3D1%26filter%3D%26sort_by_type%3Drating%26sort_order%3DDESC%26meta_ontology_node_id%3D

I have used the bold font for 1, as that is the only thing that changes in this url as we move from page to page. So, I thought it might be straight forward to write a loop in R. But what I find is that as I move to page 2, the page does not load again. Instead, just the results are updated in about 5 secs. However, R does not wait for 5 seconds and thus, I had the data from the first page 26 times.

I also tried entering the page 2 url directly and ran my code without a loop. Same story- I got page 1 results. I am sure I can't be the only one facing this. Any help is appreciated. I have attached the code.

Thanks a million. And I hope my question was clear enough.

# build the URL


for(n in 1:26){

url <- paste("http://www.goodguide.com/products?category_id=152775-baby-care&sort_order=DESC#!rf%3D%26rf%3D%26rf%3D%26cat%3D152775%26page%3D",i,"%26filter%3D%26sort_by_type%3Drating%26sort_order%3DDESC%26meta_ontology_node_id%3D")

raw.data <-readLines(url)

Parse <- htmlParse(raw.data)

A<-querySelector(Parse, "div.results-container")


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You could always do a Sys.sleep between calls. That's what I ended up doing to grab data from Qualys Labs' SSL Tester. –  hrbrmstr Jun 11 at 3:11
Your iterator is n, but you're pasting i when constructing your url. –  jbaums Jun 11 at 3:34
Thanks jbaums, corrected it and still does not work :( –  Snickers Jun 11 at 15:25
(Yep, I didn't mean to suggest that was your only problem ;)) –  jbaums Jun 12 at 2:36

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Referring to the html source reveals that the urls you want can be simplified to this structure:


The content of these urls is retrieved by R as expected.

Note that you can also go straight to:

u <- sprintf('http://www.goodguide.com/products?category_id=152775-baby-car‌​e&page=%s&sort_order=DESC', n)
Parse <- htmlParse(u)
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Thanks jbaums. Will try this. –  Snickers Jun 11 at 15:26
It worked :) Thanks. Would you mind telling me how you figured out the html source for page 2. I'm extremely new to this and want to learn. Sorry about so many questions. –  Snickers Jun 11 at 15:28
@user3728332: I got a bit lucky, I guess - I searched the source for 'page' and 'pagination'. I think the page buttons add some GET parameters to the raw url on the fly, and it's probably the filtering that causes the page to stutter like that. –  jbaums Jun 11 at 23:10
So much to learn, such little time :) Thank you so much!! –  Snickers Jun 12 at 13:34

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