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I am using log4net to generate logs in my applicaiton. My requirement was to generate logs every minute. I have achieved this using RollingMode.Date. These files are named like: name.log.yyyyMMdd-HHmm. But my requirement is to generate the files with name like: name.log.n where n will be sequential number. Any help??

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I looked at the source code of RollingFileAppender and it seems that CountDirection=1 might be want you want.
If this does not work, I guess you need to write your own appender inheriting from RollingFileAppender which implements its own RollOverRenameFiles.

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I did exaclty that. Got the source code and edited the code so as to get the name of the output file in the desired format. Thanks for your help. :) – MockedMan.Object Mar 16 '10 at 6:26

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