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Using Adobe Air 2.0 beta 2 I want to open a cmd file when the user clicks on a button, but I get "Error #3001: File or directory access denied".

the code:

<mx:Button width="200" height="50" click="OpenFileHandler()"/>


private function OpenFileHandler():void
   var file:File = new File("C:\\OpenIE.cmd");

The directory it's accessible and the file exist. Does adobe Air 2.0 beta 2 have a restriction when opening a cmd file?

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There are limitations on what can be opened with openWithDefaultApplication in a typical AIR 2 application. Refer to the asdoc for the complete list. If you use a native installer for the application then the limitations do not exist and you can also use the NativeProcess API.

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Thanks you so much for your time, the information was very helpfull. – Edward Mar 10 '10 at 17:44

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