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I'm trying to find all documents with a certain ID that don't have a status of -1.

Why does this give a syntax error in pymongo?

machine = db2.machine.find(
            "account_id": account_id,
            "status": { $ne: -1 }


  1. account_id is a variable with the value ObjectId("5397929402b8541ae8a32349")
  2. If I remove the status line, it works fine.
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Unlike JavaScript, you need to wrap $ne into a string in Python.


machine = db2.machine.find(
        "account_id": account_id,
        "status": { "$ne": -1 }

This is because in Python when you define a dictionary, you can't do

{key: "one"}

You need to do

{"key": "one"}

In the first case, "key" refers to a variable which doesn't exist. You could ammend the first case as follows:

>>> key = "name"
>>> {key: "one"}
{'name': 'one'}

An additional complication in your case was that you were trying to access a variable named $ne which is an invalid variable name.

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Thanks! I'll mark your answer as soon as it lets me. Just out of curiosity, is it because $ is a reserved character, so it needs to be put into a string? –  okoboko Jun 11 '14 at 4:11
Updated my answer so you could see what was going on –  Martin Konecny Jun 11 '14 at 4:16

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