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I'm new in WPF, following MVVM pattern. trying to create dll, I have defined some resource strings in resourcedictionary, able to access it in xaml file but i need to access it in viewmodel. searched on net and found that there is one method TryFindResource() but this method is in application context, how can i use it in viewmode?


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Actually, trying to access WPF resource strings from the ViewModel usually is considered bad practice in MVVM. Normally, you should avoid to use any WPF functionality in the ViewModel. Therefore, it might be better to define the strings in the ViewModel and access the ViewModel's strings from your XAML (e.g. using Binding or x:Static). –  user128300 Jun 11 '14 at 5:25

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Hi you can have a static class like this below, this static class will have the reference of your resourceDIctionary, through this you can access the resources in the resource dictionary from your viewmodel.

internal static class SharedResourceDictionary
        internal static ResourceDictionary SharedDictionary
                if (_sharedDictionary == null)
                        System.Uri resourceLocater1 = new System.Uri(
                                                        "YourProject"), System.UriKind.Relative);
                        ResourceDictionary resourceDictionary = new ResourceDictionary
                            Source = resourceLocater1
                        _sharedDictionary = resourceDictionary; 
                    catch (Exception e)


                return _sharedDictionary;
        private static ResourceDictionary _sharedDictionary;

You can get the resources from the viewmodel like this. Ex:

ResourceDictionary resourceDictionary = (ResourceDictionary)SharedResourceDictionary.SharedDictionary;

LinearGradientBrush brush = (LinearGradientBrush)resourceDictionary["ButtonNormalBackground"];
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