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In my applicalion, i am using twilio calling api. i am using rest service to make a call it's fine. if any possible to hide a from number to users? i need to block orginal from phone number? thanks in advance. ` HashMap params = new HashMap();

    params.put("From", "+XXXXXXXXXXXXX"); 

    params.put("To", num);
    params.put("Url", Url);

    CallFactory callFactory = account.getCallFactory();

    try {
        Call call = callFactory.create(params);` 
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Twilio evangelist here.

Unfortunately its not possible to hide the caller ID. You can choose to show either a Twilio phone number or a number you have verified with Twilio.

Hope that helps.

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ok thanks.can give phonenumber parameter as dummy number.it's possible? –  Palaniraja Jun 11 '14 at 13:17
The API requires that you provide either a phone number that you have purchased from Twilio, or a phone number that you have verified with Twilio. You cannot use arbitrary or fake numbers. Can I ask why you want to hide your number or provide a dummy number? Maybe there is a better way. –  Devin Rader Jun 11 '14 at 15:49

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