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Is it possible? I need to jump to a way from any edge. Way ID seems very convenient mechanism considering it's already generated in OSM. However I can't find anything yet. If you wonder why I need this, it's simple - a way can be used as a container of common properties for a set of edges. It eliminates need to duplicate information.

    AllEdgesIterator ei = graph.getGraph().getAllEdges();

    logger.info("Wring {} edges...", ei.getMaxId());

    while (ei.next()) {
                // TODO (ds): get way ID here
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The OSM way id is not stored in GraphHopper. You'll need to create e.g. an array of long values while import to maintain them:

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Yeah... I started adding that in OSMReader. It's a little bit involved because only OSMReader handles that when it creates edges. I am storing them with an edge and that requires a bit of work on serialization part. –  Schultz9999 Jun 12 at 19:08
Yeah, probably we should provide a hook for that. What do you mean with storing them with an edge? Do you mean you extend GraphHopperStorage to do that? You probably just need a DataAccess object (kind of an array but with serialization) –  Karussell Jun 13 at 7:36
Not really. I added wayId to the edge and a couple accessors, getWayId, setWayId. Works fine. Unfortunately it caused significant hit on size :S Apparently adding 8 bytes, doubles size of the edge class and the edge file. From this perspective I wonder if I need long for way ID at all. GH defines it as long but I don't think OSM data goes beyond max int. The next thing is getting way tags available for analysis. GH is awesome, and I am sure I can make it be more informative. –  Schultz9999 Jun 13 at 17:01
BTW, I did try using approach similar to how way names are stored but then backed off because there isn't much but way ID to store. However for tags I will probably have to use DataAccess as you recommended because tags are numerous. –  Schultz9999 Jun 13 at 17:06
Yeah way ids are only 200K wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Stats ... re tags: would also be nice to have in core GH e.g. via configuration. Maybe you can provide a PR :) –  Karussell Jun 15 at 10:22

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