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i am creating the cubes run time,which have textures right now i am just storing the position of cubes in vector array..i want to store the textures of the cubes also..Is it possible,how can i do it..??

snippet using to assign texture to cubes

public void CreateGem()
        //color = gemMats[Random.Range(0,gemMats.Length)];

        if (i <15) {

            m = Resources.Load ("Materials/" + gemMats[i]) as Material; 
                        cube.renderer.material = m;


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Texture2D[] textures = new Texture2D[amountOfTextures](); I use Texture2D as an example because that was the wording you used... But you may be after a Material array instead? if so then replace the Texture2D with Material... –  Savlon Jun 11 at 6:59
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