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I need to implement one to many connection with android tablets, such as groups. there may be more than one groups in a room or somewhere. In one group there will be one group owner who can control all other tablets in that group, ie activity such as send message to all group members , send file , block screen of group members for unwanted activity for short period of time (send blank screen to all members) etc. group members can also able to communicate with group owner. Once a group is formed group owner can able to connect all the member automatically each time when he/she(owner) press a button click on group owner tablet.

Coming to solve/implement this , i searched many places including stack-overflow and saw the term "WIFI Direct" . I think this is the technology for implementing such a situation i have mentioned above. I have searched tutorials for this , but i couldn't able to find a simple and best one for wifi direct implementations.

Please give me some suggestions for implementing this. where do i start and how to do it.

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